Nobel Peace Price Concert

The Nobel Peace Prize Concert is a musical tribute held annually on 11 December to honor the year’s Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. Performers from around the world are proud to join in celebration of this important event, which features music ranging from pop and rock to jazz, classical, blues and country. The special mix of celebrity, celebration and ceremony makes this event a magical night to remember.

More than 6,000 guests attend the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, which has been broadcast in around 120 countries and reaches more than 500 million viewers.

The event was a Youtube exclusive live show with the host Derek Muller, known from the Youtube channel Veritasium was presented live on YouTube for the first time this year.

Stargate Media was the tech team behind this YT live stream. And the virtual experience is available on The Nobel Peace Price YouTube channel.

With our system for Live stitching, we can present the full immersive experience to a bigger audience around the world. We have the system for big arenas so the camera units can be remoted via fiber optics to take VR/360° productions to a new level.

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