Norwegian Aviation Museum

Let's fly!

The Norwegian Aviation Museum is located in Bodø, in the north of Norway. In conjunction with the opening of a new civil aviation exibition the museum wanted to reach a larger audience outside the walls of the museum. Stargate Media was hired to create a unique VR experience that could bring the museum to the audience, and possibly the audience to the museum.

The film takes the viewer on a journey through time, from the early days of aviation were you get to see the famous airship "Norge" again take to the skies, and even all the way to the surface of the moon. Travelers on Norways seven largest airports could visit a VR stand were they could experience the exibit with VR headsets.

The installation was very well received, and it is estimated that during the weeks of the installation there were several hundred thousand people that got to experience the stand, in addition to regular and sosial media coverage.

To complete the VR experience the visitors at the museum was treated to their own VR installation. The visitors to the museum can enter a planecabin and be taken on a flight across Norway. You have to experience this, lets fly!