3 weeks of 360° aerial shooting

“Fly with us” was a slow-TV show aired on TV2.no. Our playback engine was the foundation of the delivery on the web, giving the users the ability to choose between synced live streams, merging both 2D and interactive 360° video.

We synced the video against telemetry and GPS data from the helicopter, allowing the mapped flight path to act as an interactive video timeline that could be used to skip to geographic points of interest. We also used the altitude data to construct graphic overlays in the player, mashed up with city names for reference.

1.2 million unique users participated in this spectacular event. The deep customizability of our engine allowed us to integrate the Videoplaza and Scores platforms used by the client for monetization and reporting.

Capturing images from a helicopter posed a number of challenges: Footage had to be delivered from the most remote corners of Norway within a very short time window, with only minimal space and weight allowances for gear.

To meet these challenges and ensure high quality and a reliable delivery, we developed custom software for camera control, image acquisition, processing and storage.