The Arctic Experience

Cermaq is one of the world's leading companies in farming of salmon and trout. The company has operations in Norway, Canada and Chile. With a high end, cinematic virtual reality (VR) experience, you can now take a tour to their operations North of the Arctic Circle in epic surrounding where the nature is virtually untouched.

This experience pushed the limits of the VR format in terms of story telling, locations and light conditions. You will eat breakfast together with the Cermaq colleagues when the sun rises outside, fly high up in the sky with the beautiful nature in Lofoten, swim with the fish down in the net pen while they are fed, and at the end you´re served the delicious fish on a plate at a New York restaurant.

The feedback of the VR experience was overwhelming when Cermaq presented it in Brussels for the first time. It was a totally new way of marketing that gave the brand strong credibility.